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    6 Reasons to join 4PS

    Over 200 enthusiastic colleagues working on ambitious projects or tinkering on the smart solutions by 4PS. What motivates them? What binds them together and to 4PS?

    1. Working at 4PS is one great party!

    Three men, an attic and a clear perspective on entrepreneurship. In 2000, those were the ingredients used to found 4PS. Hard work, focus on a satisfied customer and great products that make a real difference for our customers have contributed to the rapid growth of 4PS over the last decades.


    Achieving the best result together!

    While the founding members are all over fifty, they are still young at heart and have plenty of great plans. Our motto? “Do what makes you happy and strive to achieve the best result.  And most of all: don't  forget to enjoy successes achieved!” 

    2. You matter as a person!

    No matter how busy we are, we never forget about you as a person. Regardless of who you are, where you are from, your family circumstances, your hobbies, etc... we are interested in you and we love having fun together.


    Annual family day
    The success of 4PS is partly determined by our colleagues’ “home front”. In order to increase everyone’s sense of engagement, we organize a fun activity for all colleagues and their family every year. On these days we are all one big 4PS family.


    Traditionally, you will receive a 4PS Christmas gift around this time of year. A surprising and inspiring package that is presented to 4PS employees just before the 4PS Christmas dinner.


    Team building
    While the home front is very important, your colleagues are the people that help you get the work done. In order to promote collaboration, we regularly arrange company-wide team building activities. These will help you get to know your colleagues better and often provide enlightening insights.


    Playing sports with your colleagues
    Playing sports makes you feel fit and healthy. With so many colleagues, you will easily find someone who shares your passion. Every year, a number of sporty colleagues organize evening sports events. 4PS is very happy to support and facilitate these efforts!

    Meetings and events
    4PS regularly organizes meetings with all 4PS colleagues. The main objectives of these meetings are active involvement and transparency. During these meetings you can expect to learn more about result achieved, future objectives, interesting facts and employees celebrating work anniversaries.

    3. Being an entrepreneur

    At 4PS we promote entrepreneurship. In fact, we expect this of our colleagues.  We acknowledge the fact that entrepreneurship takes courage and is therefore very much appreciated.


    Entrepreneurship entails a certain amount of responsibility. How you deal with this responsibility is important to us. Are you prepared to put in the extra effort to get the job done? How far are you willing to go and where are your boundaries? 


    New way of working
    Entrepreneurial freedom also means we do not necessarily expect you to be in the office from 8 to 5. Obviously, we like to see you in the office on a regular basis, but you are free to work from home when this is more convenient.  

    4. The 4PS Benefits: flexible and interchangeable!

    From A to Z

    As employer, 4PS wants to cater for their employees. All facilities are listed in the 4PS Benefits. These include salary and allowances, use of leave, new way of working, pension, mobility and well-being.

    Customize your employment terms

    Uniquely, the various components of your employment conditions are interchangeable. For example, you can trade your incentive for a more high-end phone, extra leave or a higher pension. A customized employment terms package is at your disposal! We would love to tell you all about his.

    Advisory board

    Although the 4PS Benefits provide a sense of security, they are not set in stone. The 4PS Advisory Board continually reviews the Benefits and makes sure they are up to date.

    5. An organization where you are never too old to learn!

    We greatly value diversity in our workforce. Together we form a unique and motivated 4PS group. Young or old: everyone is given the opportunity to develop their skills and talents. The 4PS Academy provides plenty of digital and classroom training courses. This enables you to work on your level of expertise as well as your soft skills. We will never throw you in at the deep end. Every (new) colleague has a coach to fall back on.

    6. Working for an ISV Microsoft partner

    As leading Microsoft partner, 4PS was recently elected Partner of the Year in Western Europe. A great acknowledgment for the effort we put in on a daily basis.


    Innovation is crucial!

    Innovations are becoming increasingly frequent and standards are high. This gives everyone the opportunity to excel. So far, we have managed to do so thanks to all of our motivated colleagues.

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