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    How to join the 4PS family

    Congratulations, you have only six steps left!

    We are ready for you. Getting to know potential 4PS'ers is one of our favorite things to do. Getting to know you, discovering your passion and exploring which leads there are between you and us is a fantastic challenge every time.

    Working at 4PS in Birmingham means working for a modern and rapidly growing ICT company with software for the Construction, civil engineering and installation technology. A company characterized by passion, quality and entrepreneurship. In addition to working hard, collegiality and conviviality are central.

    As soon as you start working with us, we want you to feel at home. On this website, you can find more information about 4PS as an employer, about our people and convince yourself by the 6 reasons to work at 4PS. 

    Application procedure

    Step 1: Apply

    You found your dream job. Apply quickly before the application period expires.

    Step 2: Select

    We will now try your patience for a while. We receive many enthusiastic responses to our vacancies. Let's hope you are the best match for 4PS.

    Step 3: Getting acquainted

    Yes! You are invited for a first introductory meeting. You will be introduced to our recruiter and your potential future manager. 

    Step 4: Getting better acquainted

    We would like to invite you for a second interrview. This will give you a chance to ask all the questions you may still have about the vacancy and the organization.

    Step 5: Job offer

    If we believe you are the right person for the job, we will make you an offer. Together, we will discuss and agree on your position, salary and employment conditions. Obviously, you are welcome to take some time to consider the offer before signing it.

    Step 6: Meet your colleagues

    Before your first workday arrives, you will be invited to visit the office. This way, you can meet your colleagues and get a taste of the atmosphere so that your first working day feels like coming home.

    Step 7: Welcome to 4PS!

    Your career at 4PS is about to start! You will be introduced to the organization by means of our introduction program.This way, you will soon be prepared to get started as a 4PS employee!

    Find your dream job
    Looking for an inspiring work environment and challenging job? Join 4PS!


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    Meet your colleagues
    Join enthusiastic 4PS employees as they tell you all about the joy of working at 4PS.


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    6 Reasons to join 4PS
    The reason behind the daily enthusiasm of over 200 colleagues at 4PS.


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